How to spend your day in Quarantine/Self-isolation ?

How to spend your day in Quarantine/self-isolation ?

There is a global emergency throughout the world at this time. Almost every country is affected with the corona virus and it is still spreading in a big number. Most of us are getting bored in our homes as offices, schools, colleges and universities are closed. So what should we do while we are all stuck in our houses?

There are number of productive things which you could do while self-isolation. Lets check out those :

1.Take proper pre-cautions and Spread awareness :

Firstly, Follow the instructions provided by the WHO and officials from your countries. Take this into account, that there are people who don’t have much awareness about this pandemic situation so spread this information and try to avoid all the false propagandas and myths regarding the corona virus.

2 . Set up your Home desk :

As we know a big number of companies, offices and Educational institutes have started their work online. So this would be great to set up a home desk where you can easily work through or take classes. Even if you don’t have to work or job to do online, you can use this desk for personal use.

3. Try to follow your General Schedule :

 Even if you don’t have any obligations to perform your tasks or job online, Try to follow your general schedule which involves your sleep routine, Eating habits and daily learning. For Example , If you are a student try to read up your notes as usual, try to learn your relative topics through online learning yourself.

4. Learn a new skill :

 We hardly get time to learn something new in the daily tough routine. Whereas now you have much time to learn something new and fun. This new skill could be vary from cooking to writing down your thoughts. You can learn a new language as well as there are number of websites which help you do that such as DUOLINGO. Calligraphy, painting and drawings are also a set of fun and amazing skills as well.

Reading a new book and watching a new film could also help you to pass your time productively. Watch and read those books which are related to your work, taste and help you in giving a fresh perspective on the topic.

 5. Exercise daily :

As all the public parks and gyms are closed and you are not getting out of your houses, You still need to get physical fit. Try to do as much exercise as you could daily. You could try calisthenics and yoga to stay fit in your homes. There are number of exercises you can easily perform in your houses such as Squats, Lunges, Jumps , Push Ups and Pull Ups.

Also try to meditate and make your head clear about worries and planning things out.

6 . Spend Time with Family and children :

 We hardly get time to spend the time with our family and make connections with our loved ones. This is the perfect time to do that as in self-isolation you are with your family. Share your plans and stories to your family, tell each other the story of your lives and try to make a bond forever. Show your gratitude to each other and talk about the things you liked in each other.

Play games with your parents and children to give them a healthy entertainment. Games such as dumb charades and building a puzzle is never a bad idea.

7 . Stay calm and Pray :

Most importantly stay clam as we don’t know how much this would take time to be normal again. Stop following the numbers related to the virus affected and death involves as you don’t have any control over it. Try to watch less news as that would panic you over something that you can’t do anything.

As this is the matter of human survival pray for the entire globe and seek redemption.

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