Pearl Case and Who is Omer Shaikh?

Daniel Pearl was a Wall street Journal Reporter and was investigating the militants in the Karachi after 9-11 attacks on USA. In January 2002 he was kidnapped and beheaded a few weeks later. Four suspects were found and prosecuted in this case in which 3 were sentenced life imprisonment and the prime suspect Omar was sentenced for death penalty.

Ahmed Omer Saeed sheikh is a British born , Ex Aitchisonian and a former student at London School of Economics. He flew to Bosnia in 1992 war as an aid worker and then he was found nowhere.  Omer was also a suspect in trying to assassinate Gen Pervez Musharraf in 2002 and over an attack on Indian Parliament in early 2002 which resulted in sabotaging the Pak-India relations. He was also arrested once by the Indian forces but after 2 years he was released due to the hijackers of an Indian airliner in Kandhar demanded release of Omar with Jaish-Muhammad Azhar Masood. These all shows that he was a high profile suspect in the case.

However, On Thursday Sindh High Court overturn the Pearl case which resulted in the release of the prime suspects Ahmed Omer Sheikh, who was sentenced to death in 2002 for mastering the Pearl’s kidnapping and murdered case. Court found that the evidence was beyond the reasonable doubt and all of the witnesses were Policemen. Court overturn the ATC decision and held Omer of only kidnapping charge which resulted in 7 years imprisonment. Omer was in jail for last 18 years so this would be count as time served. It was found that he would be set free now.

Whereas, hours after the verdict, the Sindh Home Department issued an order late Thursday night to arrest and detain the four before they were released from prison, citing sufficient reason to believe that these men may act “against the interest of the country”.

The US State Department has condemned the overturning of the convictions of four men in the Daniel Pearl kidnapping and murder case, terming it “an affront to victims of terrorism everywhere” and also senior US diplomat Alice Wells wrote on Twitter on Thursday “Those responsible for Daniel’s heinous kidnapping and murder must face the full measure of justice,.

This shows that US is clearly not happy with this decision. FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi did made the remark that Sindh Govt will filed the appeal against the Supreme court and then would wait for the result. So this does appear that USA is pushing Pakistan beyond it limits to make it for pearl.

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