Virus Hunters are searching Caves

An American NGO Eco health Alliance which specialisis in detecting new viruses and prevent pandemics is working for 20 years and nowaday they are in Yunnan province of China. They are searching caves in search of viruses and to found the bat which resulted in the spread of Covid-19 which resulted in a global pandemic.

According to their study, The bats harbor upto 15,000 coronaviruses estimately, and only a few hundred of which are already known. Six novel coronaviruses are also found by another team of virus hunters in Myanmar.

These virus hunters set their net in front of caves and then catch those bats. After anesthetizing those bats they with full their protection take blood samples and oral swabs to take fully into account of any viruses they are carryings.

These organizations are working hard to stop the next pandemic. Their research shows that there are a number of viruses just like COVID-19 already exist and could be spread at anytime. This research would change the directions of the countries and instead of investing in ammunations post-covid-19 world would invest in the medical industry to stop the next pandemic.

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