What are the demerits of Arbitration?

arbitration law

Demerits of Arbitration: The importance of arbitration was accepted by almost the entire international community. However, the reason for the growth in popularity was kindled by the advantages that arbitration has over adjudication or other forms of dispute resolution. Arbitration is used in labor disputes, business and consumer disputes, and family law matters. Most contracts …

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Israel Wall Case

The jurisdiction matter discussed in the Israel wall case and the opinion of the international court of justice in such regards is described in the article.

“How can high courts take suo-motu notice,” CJP Gulzar

A week ago Supreme Court while hearing the case of under trial prisoners release to pre-empt the spread of virus in the prisons CJP Gulzar Ahmed questioned the powers of the high court to take suo-moto notice of the situation and held that this is the duty of the Government to make such policy and …

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Development of Equity and Importance

Equity law is defined as a branch of law which developed alongside the common law and it is concerned with the principle of fairness and justice. In another way it is also described as sub-system of English and common legal system which developed over time through principles of natural justices and historical circumstances by the …

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