$10 million lawsuit against Game maker companies by Selena Gomez

Selen Gomez have filed a lawsuit against a bunch of companies who made a game “Clothes Forever,Styling game”. Selena stated thorough his attorney that the game making companies were never allowed to use her image as a character in the game and

Development of Equity and Importance

Equity law is defined as a branch of law which developed alongside the common law and it is concerned with the principle of fairness and justice. In another way it is also described as sub-system of English and common legal system which

Zoom -Teleconference app got sued in California

Zoom – Communications Inc. got sued due to Disclosing personal Data The most sensational app nowadays ZOOM which was widely used by number of companies and universities   for teleconferencing got sued by a user in Jose,California. The suit alleged that Zoom is sharing

How to spend your day in Quarantine/Self-isolation ?

How to spend your day in Quarantine/self-isolation ? There is a global emergency throughout the world at this time. Almost every country is affected with the corona virus and it is still spreading in a big number. Most of us are getting

Is international law is a real law or not?

Is international law is a law or not? There has been a probably never ending debate over this question that whether International law is a real law or not. There are number of scholars who support the argument that International law is

Public peace is a state responsibility

Firstly, we need to understand what is public peace?  Which is actually the right of the public at large in front of a private person. Creating public disruption is a crime and protection against such crime is a constitutional right which is