How is the Arbitrator appointed? Are there procedural safeguards to assure that an Arbitrator selected through the list method has no conflicts of interest?


In a private dispute resolution system, the appointment of the arbitration is a crucial and important process.

Lawmakers in USA make $2 trillion deal to to raise the economy

White house and senate present the two trillion dollar package which would be the largest aid package in US history if it passes by the congress to deal with the amid corona virus pandemic. This aid would be used in direct payments

How to spend your day in Quarantine/Self-isolation ?

How to spend your day in Quarantine/self-isolation ? There is a global emergency throughout the world at this time. Almost every country is affected with the corona virus and it is still spreading in a big number. Most of us are getting

Is international law is a real law or not?

Is international law is a law or not? There has been a probably never ending debate over this question that whether International law is a real law or not. There are number of scholars who support the argument that International law is

Public peace is a state responsibility

Firstly, we need to understand what is public peace?  Which is actually the right of the public at large in front of a private person. Creating public disruption is a crime and protection against such crime is a constitutional right which is

The corporation and Islamic law

Firstly, this topic covers the limited liability principle in the book of Mufti Taqi Usmani. He describe the principle of the limited liability in modern economics and as a legal terminology which covers that it is a conditional securement of partner or